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Landing page web design

Just want a single page to encourage enquiries?
  • Standalone web page to generate enquiries
  • Can be a simple holding page for a new business
  • Or part of a wider paid ads campaign for conversions
Landing page web design
Nerdy Ape website design

Landing page website designers

A landing page can act as a simple holding page to display while you create your full website, or you can use multiple landing pages as part of a paid Google or social media ad campaign to generate leads and drive conversions.

Web design Home Page

Holding page

Ditch the “Coming Soon” page for something that can generate immediate enquiries.

Google ads

Google ads

Display targeted pages for each keyword or phrase you are bidding on.

Social ads

Social ads

Display targeted pages for each social platform you are advertising on.



Use a lead capture page to encourage users to subscribe to your newsletter.



Use a preview call invite page to encourage people to attend your event.

Product launch

Product launch

Use a free offer page to tell people about a new product you’ve launched.

Landing pages should include…



Your opening line should tell people exactly what you do.

Landing page USP


Use this to demonstrate your unique selling proposition.

Hero image on Landing page

Hero image

Use something visual to help get your message across.

Landing page - Call to action

Call to action

Usually an eye-catching button as part of a form.

Features and benefits

Features & benefits

List features and tell people how it will benefit them.

Landing page - Social proof

Social proof

Show reviews and testimonials to prove your worth.

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